Letter for Dfinity from Belarusian investors

Hello, we are a group of Dfinity investors from Belarus. We are aware that the team is trying to help us and find a solution, but we also have a few thoughts on the situation:

1) To date, the Dfinity team itself has not blocked Belarusian investors, so the main problem is with Coinlist.

2) In 2018, each of us passed the KYC on the Coinlist, and there were no restrictions at that time.

3) The Coinlist wallet is not available only because of political events in our country, but if we look at the OFAC list, we will see that not the entire country is under sanctions, but only a few dozen individuals and legal entities.

4) If Coinlist lawyers and developers do not have enough time to make changes to their system before the Mainnet release, the solution can be used as in the recent FLOW distribution: i.e. the allow to withdraw tokens directly from the Coinlist to 3d-party wallets.

Our group currently has over 130 investors from Belarus, and we are looking forward to become part of Dfinity Community.

Best regards, DFINITY_BY.